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A blend of artistry, science and business all combined under one roof to bring you the perfect team of Social Media Marketing experts to take your business to the next level.

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Initial consultation and assessment to customize the best options we can uniquely apply to your business for optimum results.

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Our weekly informational blog will keep you updated and informed on the latest social media trends.

About Us

We at Social Media Prom understand the rigors of running a business, the stress involved in managing the day to day running of a business and that is without the added stress, time and costs of adding social media management and marketing to the mix.

With even the smaller company striving ahead by riding the wave that is social media marketing businesses cannot afford not to get a presence known across the social media platforms.

Even CRM (customer relationship management) has started to integrate with social media application as the ever-growing demands of the customers are leaning more and more towards these applications for instant answers to support, queries and complaints.

Today a company can no longer disregard even one disgruntled customer because that one customer by the touch of a button has a voice that can potentially reach thousands of ears across the globe.

Such is true for advertising by word of mouth or rather the word of social media.  With the help of our professionals, we will be that word for your company and help build its online presence most of our packages come with some form of media marketing management, support, training and help with website design.

Social Media Marketing gets targeted audiences talking about your brand name with the power for them to share that information with a group of friends, followers etc.  What it also does is gives you/your company the unique opportunity to not only be the topic of the conversation but a part of it!  This enables customer engagement, sense of goodwill as your company is seen to be caring enough about their customers to reach out.  Enhancing and strengthening both the company’s image but the customer relation bond as a customer who is not only being heard but actually listened to is a customer who is going to continue using that company’s brand!