5 Steps to social media success

To be a success on any social media platform means being able to not only reach your targeted audience but to be able to gain their interest enough for them to want to follow you.

The most successful social media people are those that can also engage and win over followers that were not on their intended target audience list.  If you can do that then you know you are the social media king/queen because even though they may not be completely on your side you probably engaged them enough to make them think of someone who would benefit by your post and they will probably check back in on your postings time again too.

  1. Update your social media regularly, your followers are your audience who you need to keep engaged and coming back for regular updates.
  2. Shake your topics up – post about random things every now and again; don’t just keep to one topic/subject. This is the way you engage new followers too.
  3. If you have a business try not to mix your personal and professional posts – keep them separate.
  4. User different formats to post in
  5. Share other people engaging content and ensure you have engaging content to be shared


Infographic by: visual.ly